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SSS offers our subscriber schools helpful resources for sharing the financial aid process with families.

SSS Content Library

SSS professional development is available right in the School Portal. From on-demand webinars and PowerPoints to product guides and tip sheets, you’ll find resources to help you grow as a financial aid professional. These resources are available exclusively to SSS Subscriber Schools. To access Content, log in to the School Portal and click Resources at the top right of your Dashboard.

Financial Aid Forum

One thing that uniquely defines SSS has nothing to do with us and everything to do with you. A spirit of connectedness exists between SSS Subscriber Schools, and it’s our goal to support that every way we can. Ask questions, share expertise, and learn best practices in our online SSS community dedicated to advancing the profession of financial aid. Log in to the School Portal and click the FA Forum link at the top right of your Dashboard.


How to Apply for Financial Aid Flyer

Use this flyer to give families an overview of the process and steps for submitting their PFS and documents to your school using the SSS Family Portal. Add your own school-specific details to the customizable version that correlates with your school’s SSS subscription level. 

2021-2022 Application Year

PDF Flyer  

English version | Spanish version 

Customizable Word .doc Flyer  

Premium level | Standard level Lite level 

2020-2021 Application Year

PDF Flyer  

English version |  Spanish version 

Customizable Word .doc Flyer  

Premium level   Standard level   Lite level 


Family Guide to Financial Aid booklet

This booklet introduces families to K-12 private school financial aid. It reviews commonly used terms, types of aid, and includes the steps for submitting a PFS online in the SSS Family Portal. 

2021-2022 Application year

English version | Spanish version

2020-2021 Application year

English version | Spanish version


Parents' Financial Statement Workbook

This workbook includes information, frequently asked questions, and line-by-line instruction to help families prepare for and complete their PFS online in the SSS Family Portal. 

2021-2022 Application year

English PDF

Spanish version coming soon

2020-2021 Application year

English PDF | Spanish PDF

International Student Financial Aid Profile

Schools can use this form as a supplement to the Parents’ Financial Statement for international applicants. This form can be customized to meet the needs of your school.

Guiding Principles for Families

These guideposts outline the responsibilities of families in the financial aid process and reflect the collaborative nature of this process for yielding the best result.

PFS Buttons

Download an SSS button to place on your school website for families to apply for financial aid. Link button to: