Financial Aid + Tuition and Billing 

Integrating to cross the finish line faster

Once your final awards are decided, what do you do with that information?

From start to finish, you shouldn’t have to work outside of SSS to manage all aspects of where your financial aid dollars are going. And your families should have transparency into the process that will help them confidently step into investment in your school.  Do you store awards in a spreadsheet that gets emailed around between departments and eventually ends up in your business office? Do you enter your awards in your SSS School Portal, and then someone must manually enter that data into a tuition system? Or worse, into individual tuition agreements? Shouldn’t there be an easier route? 

SSS integrates with the TADS Suite, eliminating the need for manual data entry so your staff can focus on what really matters.


Our integration with TADS Tuition & Billing Management — the full-service tuition management solution within our Community Brands K-12 Select Suite — is designed to make managing tuition and financial aid simple from start to finish. TADS TM automates workflows for your Business Office with agreement tracking, comprehensive billing services, and much more. With our integration, easily apply your final award amounts in the School Portal to each family’s billing account in just one click!


How does this integration work?

A better experience for you and your families.

With the SSS + Tuition and Billing integrations you can easily transfer financial aid award amounts from your SSS School Portal to TADS TM, ensuring the accuracy of all tuition agreements while giving families easy-to-use tuition management tools. You’ll gain confidence in tuition and billing accuracy and streamline how your Business Office communicates tuition and aid dollars. 

Make tuition payments simple for your families 

Manage your awards and budgets in SSS

Eliminate manual data exports and imports

Apply separate awards to split households

Send award details to tuition agreements

Create tuition agreements quickly and easily

Tuition & Billing Features

Comprehensive billing

Bill and manage an unlimited number of fees, any time—tuition and non-tuition (before/after school care, class fees, field trips, etc.)

Flexible billing options

Accommodate all types of payment plans, even allow certain payment options per family

On-demand contract agreement revisions

Make changes to existing agreements/contracts, as needed. TADS notifies your families.

Subsidary accounts receivable ledger

TADS provides a comprehensive subsidiary ledger with detailed total receivables and summary aging reports.

Account maintenance and delinquent account follow-up

Along with reminder emails, TADS offers friendly follow-up phone calls if a family’s account falls behind. TADS helps schools achieve a high collection rate.


Learn how this integration works in your SSS School Portal and why more than 1,000 schools use TADS TM every year to manage their tuition.

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Manage all aspects of where your financial aid dollars go.

Take a closer look as how SSS can give you everything you need to be strategic with your financial aid and tuition and billing management.