Financial Aid Assistant Program

Leave the complexities of financial aid to us.

Your virtual team member all season long.

Families today have complex financial situations. Careful review of financial aid applicants allows schools to be strategic with budgets and grant awards to the families who most need help. The SSS Financial Aid Assistance (FAA) program delivers fully audited student folders that empower you to make informed award decisions.

SSS best practice folder reviews

Consistency with applicant reviews is important for equitable awarding. Our FAA team follows a set process to complete folders, giving you a “clean” calculation that reflects fixed errors and verified amounts. 

A team of experts

A large sector of families applying for aid own businesses and have high value assets. FAA auto-flags folders with a business as high-priority for our expert team to review. Overlooked cash flow can make the difference between a family qualifying for aid and paying full tuition.

Proactive parent outreach

We communicate directly with parents to clarify PFS questions and obtain missing tax forms. Every communication is logged in the applicant’s student folder, so you know the actions we take to verify, audit, and complete each student folder.

Why SSS Financial Aid Assistant?

Save time

Free up your time tracking submissions, chasing parent tax forms, and reviewing student folders.

Reduce stress

Eliminate questions that arise with parent-entered amounts or determining if revisions are needed to recalculate a family’s contribution.

Save money

Make well-informed award allocations, avoid over awarding, and be strategic with your budget dollars.


"FAA has been invaluable, especially for the more complex application from small business owners impacted by COVID-19."

Alexis Ortega, Associate Director of Admission and Financial Aid, University Prep

Features of FAA Service


Direct Financial Aid Assistant support email and phone support


Support for annual settings configuration in School Portal


Family EFC recalculations for school selected student folders


Log of FAA team notes, revisions, and parent communications in the FAA tab and Family Contribution Worksheet of student folder


Proactive communication with parents about PFS errors and outstanding required tax documents


Assistance with family appeals after award decision


School policy customizations for family contribution recalculations (maximum three customizations) For Example: Zillow home value check and considerations for siblings in college


Final awards entered in School Portal at conclusion of awarding season


Prior year to current year tax amounts analyzed and changes in family contribution identified for school

A powerful, complete financial aid solution.

Take a closer look as how SSS can give you everything you need to be strategic with your financial aid and award management.