Financial Aid Assistant Program

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Families have complex financial situations. A thorough review of each financial aid applicant allows schools to be more strategic with their budgets and grant awards to the families who most need help. The SSS Financial Aid Assistance (FAA) Program delivers fully audited student folders that empower schools to make well-informed, equitable award decisions.

A Team of Expert Financial Aid Assistants

A large demographic of families applying for aid own businesses or have high-value assets. Overlooked income sources could mean the difference between a family qualifying for aid or paying full tuition. Our financial aid assistant software auto-flags folders with a business as a high priority for our expert financial aid assistants to review. 

Thorough, Equitable Folder Reviews

Thorough and consistent applicant reviews are essential for equitable awarding. Our FAA team follows a vetted, step-by-step formula for each candidate review, offering an impartial award calculation that accounts for recent adjustments and verified income amounts. 

Proactive Parent Outreach

Our financial aid assistants communicate directly with parents to clarify questions about the Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) and obtain missing tax forms. We log each communication effort in the applicant’s student folder, so you’re informed about our actions to verify, audit, and complete each folder. 

How Our Financial Aid Assistant Program Works

Our financial aid assistant software follows this process:


Request the Parents' Financial Statement

The PFS form helps us get to know a family’s unique situation.


Review income

Next, we review the PFS and tax documentation submitted by the family, considering all income sources and unique situations and their overall financial net worth.


Consider special circumstances

We take great care to consider circumstances that could affect financial aid eligibility, including unforeseen expenses, tuition support from other family members, or upcoming income changes. 


Calculate final family contribution

Next, we calculate the final family contribution to reflect adjustments or revisions.


Determine aid need

Finally, we determine a family’s needs based on tuition price minus their overall expected contribution.

Why SSS Financial Aid Assistant?

We help small to medium-sized nonprofit schools free up time and resources to serve their students and families.

Save time

Allocate time saved to building relationships with families while we take care of tracking submissions and collecting financial information.

Reduce hassle

Eliminate the hassle of questions that arise when calculating and revising parent-entered income amounts.

Save money

Use your budget wisely and avoid over-awarding by making well-informed, strategic award allocations.


"FAA has been invaluable, especially for the more complex application from small business owners impacted by COVID-19."

Alexis Ortega, Associate Director of Admission and Financial Aid, University Prep

SSS: A Premium Financial Aid Software Vendor

As the demand for financial aid grows, we are committed to providing new solutions for consistent, equitable financial aid awards. For over 50 years, our dedicated team at School & Student Services (SSS) has prioritized streamlining and automating the financial aid process for private and independent K-12 schools.

Our Financial Aid Assistant Program connects schools with eligible families for a diverse, deserving student body. Our nonpartisan formula helps us fairly allocate awards, eliminating the hassle and frustration of ongoing back and forth with families.

An All-Inclusive, Hassle-Free Financial Aid Solution

Take a closer look at how SSS provides the tools and features you need to make strategic decisions with your financial aid and award management. Request your free demo to start.