SSS School and Family Portals

Powerful. Intuitive. Flexible.

A complete solution with an efficient process for schools and families through the entire financial aid cycle.

Your financial aid program is vital to enrolling mission-appropriate students and securing the financial stability of your school. SSS provides an objective baseline, a holistic family view, powerful analytic tools and data you need to make well-informed decisions.

Easy application monitoring

Track a family’s application progress on your dashboard as soon as they select your school.

Quick application delivery

Access a family’s PFS data and calculated family contribution in a detailed student folder within one hour of submission.

Instant access to documents

View parent documents immediately after they are uploaded.

Fast document verification

Average verification time for tax forms is 15 hours after the parent uploads.

How it works

At SSS, the Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) is the cornerstone of our financial aid process. Families submit a PFS and grant SSS permission to analyze their financial information. Using the formula built and maintained by NAIS, we estimate the amount they can contribute to school expenses and forward that estimate to your school.

Features for schools

SSS offers the full suite of tools, features, and data in one centralized system for you to administer a successful financial aid program.

Flexible, configurable portal

Match your school policies and processes with a customizable self-service setup. A variety of opt-in alerts, notifications, and reminder emails keep you and your families on task.

Evaluate one-stop reviews

Evaluate a family’s ability to pay tuition with a detailed folder and worksheet for financial analysis. View tax verification, parent explanations and unusual conditions for action or revision.

Powerful reporting and analytics

Save time reviewing, improve awarding, and leverage your ability to shape future financial aid budgets with a library of dynamic real-time reports and year-over-year historical data.

Tax form verification

Validate parent-reported amounts with automatic verification of tax forms to quickly identify financial areas that may require more information or use the tools in SSS to make a revision.

Award allocations

Modernize your award management by tracking awards with applicant data in one place. Allocate awards from budgets and account for other aid sources as you move from proposed to approved awards.

Messaging and mass email

Communicate directly with families from within the portal or utilize the mass email feature to reach a broader group of families all at once and track its delivery.

Enhanced experience for your families.

  • One form per household, for one fee, for any number of children, for any number of schools
  • Automatic evaluation of eligibility to receive a fee waiver at the time of application submission
  • Easy document upload process
  • Built-in hints, tips, and question-by-question instructions
  • A dedicated SSS Family Support Center for help and assistance

Annual subscription levels


(formerly called Basic)
Lite is the perfect option for schools with a small number of applicants and/or basic financial aid processing needs. Read-only portal access allows receipt of the PFS and one-page SSS Report of Family Contribution for each family applying for aid.


(formerly called Full)
This level includes access to all portal tabs and features giving the tools and flexibility to collect documents, receive current-year tax form verification, retain applicant history, make revisions and recalculations, add awards, and run reporting. Benefit from in-portal professional development resources and the SSS community forum created specifically for financial aid practitioners.


This elevated level is designed to meet the needs of schools with early deadlines. It offers Standard access, plus enhanced tax form collection with the option to require up to three years, receive verification on the two most recent years, and utilize prior year verified amounts on the folder’s worksheet. Advanced reports provides upfront insight into year-over-year data per student.

“SSS provides such a deep, comprehensive view of families’ financial situation that I’m always confident that I have all the information I need to make informed financial aid decisions.”

— Tricia Valeski, The Grauer School (CA)

A powerful, complete financial aid solution.

Take a closer look as how SSS can give you everything you need to be strategic with your financial aid and award management.