Accounting Software for K-12 Schools and Universities

MIP Fund Accounting® helps schools streamline their financial processes for long-term sustainability. Whether you’re a K-12 institution, college or university, or childcare facility, our user-friendly and customizable software makes accounting, tracking, and reporting easier so you can make informed financial decisions for your institution and demonstrate impact.
With 40 years of experience, MIP is the cloud-based, SaaS fund accounting solution for scholastic institutions across the world.

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How We Work With Schools

True, multi-dimensional

True, multi-dimensional chart of accounts

Track unlimited funds and report those funds anyway you want them. 

Advanced security

Advanced security and fraud protection

MIP Fund Accounting features industry leading security features to prevent unauthorized third party entry, and offers a complete audit trail to show you whose accessing your accounts and when.

Integrated and configurable

Integrated and configurable reporting and dashboards

Our robust reporting suite lets your school track and distinguish between each of your fund sources, and allows you to report them however you see fit.

Integrated and configurable

GASB- and FASB-compliant reports

We’ve incorporated both GASB and FASB principles to insure your reports follow necessary financial reporting standards to keep your school compliant.

unlimited budgeting

Unlimited budgeting and forecasting of “what-if” scenarios

Your budget is a living, breathing document. It needs to change as your year evolves. MIP offers unlimited budgeting scenarios, incorporating any “what-if” scenario, you can throw at it.

Robust payroll

Integrated payroll and human resource management

Our payroll and HR modules automate your school’s HR department. Offering a 24/7 connected portal, your employees can access HR services anytime they need them. The payroll module eases the administrative burden on your HR team, and processes pay at the click of a button.


Scalability to grow as you grow

Our future-proof software has a robust set of modules that can be effortlessly added to your core software to grow as your school grows.

“With MIP, an organization would have the potential to have MIP to process payroll, manage procurement and associated workflows, create budgets for the entire organization, and do all the necessary financial reporting required. It has the ability to be configured to meet the needs of almost any organization.“

Paul W.

Aspire Public Schools