Reaching the Families Most In Need

SSS has built our methodology on the principle that families of equal means should receive equal awards. To support that mission, we’re proud to introduce an automated and equitable approach to fee waivers that simplifies the process for school users while reaching more families than ever before. 
SSS now uses the financial information in the PFS itself to means-test a family’s situation, and automatically applies a waiver if the family qualifies under our new criteria. The end result is a process where once a qualified family submits a PFS, we simply do not require payment.  

Today, many families below the poverty line do not receive waivers, whereas many waivers are being given to families with six-figure incomes. Using a system-based means test ensures that all families are treated equally. In fact, this new approach expands the number of families receiving waivers by almost 50%. As a result, thousands more families can now apply for financial aid without incurring any cost.

If you have any questions on this groundbreaking approach to fee waivers, please contact the SSS Client Success team by calling 855-230-7850 or emailing

SSS also distributes fee waivers to access organizations that share our goal of broadening access to independent education for young people. 

Share with Families

If you'd like to share information regarding the SSS fee waiver program with families applying for aid at your school, we've put together a helpful FAQ that you can download here. Feel free to post to your school's website or forward in any way you see fit.