The Benefits of Unbiased, Equitable, and Expedient Financial Aid Decisions for Your School

Nettie Reynolds

March 27, 2024

    As more families continue to recognize the value of a private school education, K-12 private schools are taking significant steps to make their education more accessible. Schools are allocating more resources towards financial aid programs, allowing them to assist a wider range of families. This means more students with academic potential can experience the benefits of a private school education.

    We know too, as more families apply for financial aid, faith and district schools are focused on unbiased awarding, transparency with families, and being able to give families the good news quickly on what their schools can offer them.

    Families often apply to more than one school during the application and financial aid process. Families are better able to make educated decisions sooner when they get financial help offers early. Both families and schools gain from expediencies in decisions; families can complete their planning and schools can predict enrollment numbers with confidence.

    With SSS, families can easily fill out and securely submit the Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) to apply for financial aid. The PFS aids in estimating financial help by collecting pertinent data regarding family size, income, and expenditures. Using the PFS, families submit a single form for all their children in the same household saving them time and saving private school manual processing time. SSS also provides customer assistance in both Spanish and English, to ensure schools can assist bilingual families during the process of submission for potential financial aid.

    All of Community Brand’s financial aid solutions for private K-12 schools currently provide full verification of tax documents without any additional fees, and without using the IVES program. Once current or prior year tax documents are uploaded, all data will be verified typically within 72 hours. We also provide verification of current year tax data (2023), while the IRS only provides prior year (2022).

    Third-party verifying services typically entail manually reviewing all tax documents, which can be time-consuming and impact your school’s ability to quickly offer financial aid support to prospective students.

    With the help of SSS –  families can depend on a clear and helpful financial aid process. Families are provided with easy-to-understand details regarding the application procedure, eligibility, and necessary paperwork on timelines they can easily understand.

    Families and diocese schools can easily get in touch with someone who can help them in both English and Spanish via email or phone. Each family gets individualized attention, so their issues are resolved quickly and thoroughly. Being responsive is crucial for building trust and cultivating strong connections.

    With our emphasis on open lines of communication and individualized assistance, K-12 diocese schools can continue to deepen relationships with families, which in turn makes the process of applying for financial aid easier and more accessible a diverse pool of prospective students.

    Let us show you the benefit of FA solutions to extend your school’s diversity efforts, ensure fair financial aid practices, and give your school the benefit of timely award-decision making.


    Request a demo to discover more about how we can help your school champion fair financial aid practices with a secure, proven system.  

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