Ready to Simplify Your Financial Aid Awarding Process?

Nettie Reynolds

June 20, 2024

    Did you know the Financial Aid Assistant (FAA) program by School and Student Services (SSS) helps remove obstacles, complete efficient reviews, and support families during the financial aid process?

    FAA delivers fully audited folders that empower you to make informed award decisions that align with your enrollment goals. Our team of experts follow best practices for folder reviews, giving you clean family contribution calculations reflective of verified amounts and fixed errors.

    We all know the feeling. The financial aid season approaches, and your inbox overflows with applications. Juggling mountains of paperwork, chasing down missing documents, and ensuring every award is fair and accurate feels like a never-ending marathon. Wouldn’t it be amazing to streamline this process, free up valuable time, and even attract more students in the process?

    Enter the Financial Aid Assistant (FAA) program by School and Student Services (SSS). Think of it as your own personal financial aid assistant, ready to transform your workload. Here’s how the FAA program helps your K-12 private school’s financial aid office experience a smoother, faster, and more efficient financial aid season.

    Escape the Paper Chase with Effortless Application Review

    Imagine a world where missing documents and incomplete applications are a thing of the past. The FAA team acts as an extension of your office, handling the nitty-gritty details of application review. They meticulously review each file, ensuring all required information is present. If anything needs clarification, the FAA team proactively contacts families to gather the missing pieces. This frees your staff to focus on what truly matters: building relationships with prospective families and guiding them through the financial aid process.

    From Gridlock to Green Light: A Speedy Awarding Process

    No more waiting for families to complete applications or for missing documents to arrive. The FAA program uses an optimized process to keep things moving smoothly. Families can easily submit their information electronically, and the FAA team works diligently to review applications promptly. This translates into faster award decisions, allowing you to communicate financial aid packages to families earlier in the enrollment cycle. Early communication is crucial for attracting top students, as it gives families and students the peace of mind they need to make informed decisions about their education.

    Fair and Consistent Awards: Building Trust with Every Family

    Financial aid awards need to be fair, equitable, and reflect the true financial circumstances of each family. The FAA program ensures this by utilizing the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) methodology as its core principle. This methodology is recognized as a gold standard in the financial aid world. By relying on this established framework, private K-12 schools can award financial aid packages with confidence, knowing that every student receives a fair and consistent offer of support.

    Expand Your Reach and Attract More Qualified Students

    A streamlined and efficient financial aid process can unlock a world of possibilities for your school. With the FAA program removing the complexity associated with financial aid applications, more families will be encouraged to apply. This includes families who might have initially thought your school was financially out of reach. By simplifying the process and demonstrating your commitment to making your school accessible, you can attract a wider pool of talented students, enriching your school community. A recent study by the NAIS found that “17% of families applying for financial aid through SSS earned less than $50,000, but almost a quarter (23.1%) of aid seekers earned more than $200,000,” highlighting the growing need for transparent and accessible financial aid processes.

    Save Money and Resources: Focus on What Matters Most

    The FAA program doesn’t just save you time; it can also save your school valuable resources. By streamlining the review process and ensuring accurate award calculations, the FAA program helps you avoid over-awarding financial aid. This translates into better resource allocation, allowing you to invest in other areas that are crucial for your school’s success, such as academic programs, extracurricular activities, and faculty development. Additionally, the FAA program frees up your time, allowing you to focus on more strategic initiatives like scholarship fundraising or developing new financial aid programs to support specific student groups.

    Beyond the Basics: Personalized Support and Continuous Improvement

    The FAA program goes beyond simply automating tasks. The dedicated FAA team understands the unique challenges faced by K-12 private schools, and they are committed to providing personalized support throughout the process. They are available to answer your questions and address any concerns you might have. Additionally, the FAA program is constantly evolving, incorporating the latest best practices and industry trends. This ongoing commitment to improvement ensures that you have access to the most effective and efficient financial aid solutions.

    Simplify Your Financial Aid Season

    Don’t let the weight of the financial aid season wear you down. The FAA program is here to help you streamline your workload, expedite award decisions, and empower your private or independent K-12 school to attract more qualified students.

    Set your school up for a successful financial aid season with support from the FAA program. Meet with one of our experts to explore how FAA can help your school. Simply complete a demo form and select “FAA program” to start.

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