Simplify, Support, & Succeed: 5 Must-Have Benefits of a Top-Notch Financial Aid Solution

Kassandre Kallen

March 12, 2024

    Juggling spreadsheets, chasing missing documents, and stressing over award decisions? Feeling like you’re drowning in a sea of paperwork while families anxiously wait for their fate? If you’re considering a new solution for processing financial aid, here are five benefits a strong financial aid processing solution should offer you.  

    1. Full-Feature Dashboard: Imagine a world where applications, data, and insights all live harmoniously in one user-friendly dashboard. No more switching between a million tabs or deciphering cryptic formulas. A centralized dashboard provides clear insights and a roadmap for your potential financial aid awarding. 

    2. Expert Support for Families and Schools: Your financial aid solution should be able to manage even the most intricate applications. This helps ensure fair assessments and informed decisions, every single time. And let’s not forget the families who are making the commitment to a K-12 private school education. Look for a solution that offers friendly support to guide them through the process and answer their questions, no matter how basic or redundant. 

    3. Speed Is Key; Unlock the Retention Code:Time is precious, and waiting can create anxiety for families. Imagine attracting top students and boosting retention with lightning-fast award decisions. With accurate calculations and fully reviewed applications, schools can make swift and confident choices. This supports families’ need for transparent and quicker award decisions. 

    4. Application Tracking Every Step of the Way: Your solution should be able to offer real-time updates on where each family stands. Accessing documents and financial data should streamline the review process and free up valuable time. Remember, clear communication with families builds trust and transparency in your school community.

    5. Happy Families, Happy Admissions Team: A smooth financial aid process makes everyone’s lives easier. Your solution should contribute to lightening the staff workload with automated tasks like fee waiver evaluations and multi-student applications. Imagine families breezing through the application with built-in guidance, minimizing errors and frustration. And if they do get stuck? A dedicated support center should be there to answer their questions and make their experience as smooth as possible.

    Financial aid management software is crucial to bringing new students into schools and helping schools make confident, well-informed financial aid decisions. School & Student Services™ (SSS) financial software has streamlined the K-12 private and independent school financial aid process for over 50 years. 

    SSS also offers complete tax document verification free of charge and without utilizing the Income Verification Express Service (IVES) program. For extra verification, our solution automatically imports all the data from the potential family’s tax documents and compares it with the figures they entered in their application. 

    Remember, a happy admissions team and happy families lead to a thriving school community and long-term retention! Are you ready to empower your team, quicken your award process, and attract the best and most diverse students?   

    Contact us to learn more about SSS and how your school can champion fair financial aid practices.

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