This volunteer group of private school financial aid leaders and practitioners provides direction and ensures that SSS is closely connected to schools. The Task Force advises NAIS on ways to develop and manage effective financial aid policies and practices. It continually assesses ways to keep the SSS methodology current and valid, improve the financial aid products and services offered to schools, and provide professional development opportunities that enhance the skills good financial aid professionals need.




Jonathan Hochberg (Chair)

Director of Financial Aid,
The Northwest School (WA)

"Years of working on Budget and Finance committees have given me an understanding of why independent schools cost. But that doesn’t make them any easier to pay for. SSS provides the framework for schools to offer meaningful, need-based financial aid to qualified families across the country. That’s a great thing to be a part of!"

John M. Hutchins

Director of Admission and Financial Aid,
Phillips Exeter Academy (NH)

"Having worked in schools for over 20 years, including 15 in admissions and financial aid, I am familiar with the importance of financial aid to both families applying and attending and the schools providing the assistance. This is an exciting time to be involved with SSS and the Task Force seeing how they are working to meet the needs of the families and schools they serve."

Jennifer Wing

Director of Enrollment Management
Berwick Academy (ME)

"As an admission and financial aid professional - and once a private school student - it is an honor for me to be connected to School and Student Services through membership in the Task Force. I truly appreciate the ways in which SSS guides schools in making equitable, need-based financial aid decisions, and how its resources offer meaningful assistance to applicants. Financial aid can present many wonderful opportunities for qualifying students, and because it is such an important and detailed process, the principles, structure, and communication that SSS provides to both school professionals and applicants are essential."

Lisa J. Moreira

Director of Institutional Research
& Enrollment Management,

Horace Mann School (NY)

"As a new Financial Aid professional, I remember feeling completely overwhelmed 15 years ago by just how much I had to learn. SSS was a valuable resource for me then, and has continued to be since that time. I look forward to working with the Task Force to ensure that SSS continues to provide much-needed support to all of us in the ever-changing Financial Aid field."

Brenda Robbins

Financial Aid/Student Accounts Director,
Minnehaha Academy (MN)

"With almost 15 years of experience as Director of Financial Aid and a SSS subscriber, I am excited about the opportunity to give back by sharing my knowledge and expertise with others by serving on the SSS Advisory Task Force.  I take pride in directing a quality financial aid program that is based on equity and fairness in its driving principles, and SSS is an integral part of our program.  I am passionate about making our school a reality for families for whom it would not be possible without financial aid."

Lynne Breen

Dean of Admissions,
Waynflete School (ME)

"It has been a unique honor for me to serve on the Task Force, whose motto: by Schools, for Schools I strive to apply in my day-to-day Admissions' responsibilities. Working collaboratively towards the goal of assisting other Financial Aid Administrators in deepening their knowledge base and improving their decision-making skills is, I believe, an invaluable service provided by SSS. I have been proud to play a role in shaping these opportunities for professional development, which I believe are unmatched in the Independent School community."

Carinne Meyn Barker

Director of Enrollment
St. Matthew’s Parish School (CA)

"Working in admission and financial aid on both the college and independent school level for over 28 years has allowed me to witness firsthand the difference financial assistance can make in a students’ life. I am honored to serve on the SSS Task Force and hope to continue working to promote access in the independent school world. SSS provides many wonderful resources to both school professionals and to families."

Lawrence Sampleton

Director of Admission and Financial Aid,
St. Stephen’s Episcopal School (TX)

Bill Murdock

Director of Financial Aid and Scholarships,
Baylor School (TN)




The SSS Task Force traditionally looks for two or three new members every two or three years. In considering membership on the task force, potential nominees should meet the following general requirements:

  • Represent a school that uses SSS for its financial aid assessments;
  • Be willing to serve a three-year term;
  • Attend two meetings per year (all expenses paid) with some work between each meeting;
  • Attend the NAIS Annual Conference and assist in the planning and/or presentation 
  • of sessions;
  • Attend an SSS financial aid workshop when possible (registration fee waived); and
  • Be willing to serve as a regional representative for other financial aid colleagues.

If you are interested in being considered for membership on the task force, please submit a letter of interest, current professional resume, and a sample of financial aid-related material you were responsible for producing (e.g., board reports, affordability brochures, presentation delivered at conferences or workshops, etc.). 

Send these materials to:

Mark Mitchell

Vice President, NAIS
National Association of Independent Schools
1129 20th Street, NW, Suite 800
Washington, DC 20036-3425

Call Mark at (202) 973-9766 or email him at