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Make a private education a reality.

You’ve made the decision to invest in a private education for your child yet affording private school can be expensive. Thousands of schools provide financial aid assistance to ensure that their admitted students have a realistic chance to enroll, regardless of their family’s financial circumstances. The Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS), completed online in the SSS Family Portal, is your gateway to financial aid from the nation’s leading private and independent schools.

The PFS gathers relevant information about your family size, income, and expenses then SSS estimates the amount you can contribute to school expenses and forwards that estimate to the schools where you are applying. Schools use this estimate as a starting point to determine the actual financial aid grant they can offer you and communicate their financial aid decision to you. It’s one form per household, for one $60 fee, for any number of applicant children, for any number of schools.

By submitting a PFS, you grant SSS permission to securely analyze your financial information. Learn more about the security of your information.


Thousands of schools provide financial assistance to families who otherwise could not afford tuition. Gain a better understanding of financial aid and other programs to make private education affordable.



Access a wide range of resources to help you complete the PFS online in the SSS Family Portal and upload additional documents required by your chosen schools.

Parent Webinars

View quick informational webinars for valuable tips and how to’s for completing the PFS.


If you have questions about the PFS or SSS Family Portal, our SSS Family Support Center can help. Assistance is available in English and Spanish.