Making Changes

After submitting your PFS and a change is needed please follow these steps:

Step 1

Go to the Family Portal

Step 2

Log into the Family Portal.

Note that once you’ve completed and sent the PFS to one or more schools, you can still return to the PFS Online and send your results to additional schools by following the steps below.

Step 3

Confirm that the application year in the upper right corner is the one you intend to modify. During some months of the year SSS processes applications for two academic years. Be sure you’ve chosen the correct year.

Step 4

From the left-hand navigation, click on the section in which you wish to make a change. If you wish to add a school, select section 5. “Select Schools.”

Step 5

Make your change (or add a school) then press “Save and Continue.”

Step 6

On the next screen, confirm that you wish to submit that change by pressing “Continue.”

Changes made to your PFS are available to the school within the hour.