If, after submitting your PFS, you decide that you need to make a change to your PFS and/or add a school, you may do so. Here's how:

Click here for slides that walk you through these steps.


Step 1

Go to the PFS Online


Step 2

Log into the PFS Online.

Once you've completed and sent the PFS to one or more schools, you can still return to the PFS Online and send your results to additional schools. After you click on the link to go to the PFS Online, follow the prompts to "Create an Account" on the PFS Online -- on the "Create an Account" page, be sure to enter the PFS ID number you received in your e-mail confirmation from SSS. 


Step 3

Select the gray button that shows the academic year for which you are applying for financial aid, such as "Academic Year 2017-18."


Step 4

Click on the purple "Complete Your PFS" tab.


Step 5

From the left-hand navigation, click on the section in which you wish to make a change. If you wish to add a school, select the section called "Select Subscriber Schools." 


Step 6

Make your change (or add a school) then press "Save and Continue."  


Step 7

From the left-hand menu, click on the "Submit Your Change" button.


Step 8

On the next screen, confirm that you wish to submit that change by pressing "Continue."


If you added a school, the school that you added will have access to your PFS information within 24 hours.  If you made a change to another section of the PFS, the school(s) to which you have applied will have access to your updated PFS information within 24 hours.