Information Sessions for Parents

We realize that the Parents' Financial Statement (PFS) is a very comprehensive application, and that you want to complete it fully and accurately. To help make it a bit easier to manage, we're offering a set of free informational webinars for you to download that provide valuable tips on completing the Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS).

2018 Upcoming Tax Document Changes
View webinar (8 Minutes)

Counting the Costs: An Introduction to Financial Aid
View webinar (19 Minutes)

Family Portal Overview
View webinar (36 Minutes)

Communicating to SSS within your Family Portal
View webinar (7 Minutes)

Home for Parents Overview
View webinar (7 Minutes)

Creating a Family Portal Account
View webinar (10 Minutes)

Section 1: Household Information
View webinar (12 Minutes)

Section 2: School Selection
View webinar (8 Minutes)

Section 5: Family Expenses
View webinar (13 Minutes)