Financial Aid Timeline

Just as each school has its own process and policies, each has its own unique deadlines. That said, the following will give you a general idea of what happens when.

  • September or October in the year before you want to start in the new school: Begin your school search.
  • November or December: Begin the financial aid application process.
  • January or early February: Your admission applications are due.
  • January or February: Your financial aid applications are due.
  • Late February or early March: Schools send out admission decisions.
  • March or April: Schools send out financial aid decisions.
  • April, May, June: Schools require your final enrollment decision, tuition deposit to reserve a spot in the class
What about schools with rolling admissions?

Some schools don’t set one admission deadline but continue to accept applications until their classes are filled. Ask them about their financial aid timeline and expectations.

Again: Contact individual schools for exact deadlines. Each school’s deadlines really are different!