Alleviate your stresses this financial season.

Let SSS handle your most complex folder reviews with this special offer for the Financial Aid Assistant (FAA) program.

FAA delivers to you fully audited student folders and empowers you to make informed award decisions that align with your enrollment goals. Our team of experts follow best practices for completing folder reviews, giving you clean family contribution calculations reflective of verified amounts and fixed errors. Overlooked business cash flow and parent PFS mistakes can make the difference between a family qualifying for aid and paying full tuition at your school.

Take advantage of these FAA features this season:

The FAA Program Manager as your direct contact for SSS support

Flexibility to select the student folders you want FAA to review


Your choice for FAA to use prior year 2018 tax amounts for folder revisions and family contribution recalculations.

Access to the log of FAA team notes, FCW revisions, and parent outreach in the FAA tab of student folders

Proactive parent outreach on your school’s behalf via Portal Messaging to clarify PFS responses and obtain outstanding required documents

Assistance with family appeals after award decisions

Save time

Free up your time tracking submissions, chasing parent tax forms, and reviewing student folders.

Reduce stress

Eliminate questions that arise with parent entered amounts or determining if revisions are needed to recalculate a family’s contribution.

Save money

Make well-informed award allocations, avoid over awarding, and be strategic with your budget dollars.

Your FAA special offer to participate:

  • $500 to enroll. Includes up to 8 folder reviews (A savings of $1000 and reduced minimum number of folders to participate!)

  • $65 per folder if you select more than 8 folders (Optional: Your choice for FAA to review more!

The FAA was a lifesaver for me… I have so many competing priorities in my role. It is hard to find the time needed to process financial aid applications, particularly for the more complicated files.

Donna Volpe Strouse

Riverbend School