SSS Subscriptions for Academic Year 2020-2021 Processing


Annual Premium Subscription

This new subscription includes ALL services and features of the Full subscription, PLUS:

Annual Full Subscription

Get full access to the SSS School Portal for an unlimited numbers of users along with a wide range of professional development resources designed specifically for financial aid professionals.

Annual Basic Subscription

Get limited access to SSS services and School Portal functionality for no annual fee.

Annual Subscription runs October 1, 2019 -- September 30, 2020

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Subscription Levels

Features and Benefits

Premium Full Basic
Services for Parents      
Parents' Financial Statement—online financial aid application (English and Spanish) × × ×
Online family guides and resources × × ×
Customer service by phone, email and Family Portal chat × × ×
Services for Schools      
Objective calculation of families’ ability to contribute to educational expenses × × ×
Collection of tax documents from families to reduce your paperwork × ×  
Capture of key data from tax forms × ×  
Customer support by phone, email and School Portal support tickets × × ×
SSS School Portal Features and Benefits      
24-7 use of the SSS online financial aid management tool Unlimited Users Unlimited Users One User
View and print SSS-calculated Reports of Family Contribution × × ×
View and print Parents' Financial Statements × × ×
School-specific setup features to reflect school policy and practice × ×  
Access to and tracking of applicant information from year to year × ×  
Progression of applicant folders through intuitive stages × ×  
Collect Current Year 2019 tax forms × ×  
Collect Prior Year 2018 tax form × ×  
Collect Prior Prior Year 2017 tax forms ×    
Revise SSS calculations on Family Contribution Worksheet (FCW) × ×  
Current Year View of Family Contribution Worksheet × ×  
  • Column for Current Year 2019 Verification value from tax documents
× ×  
  • Auto-copy 2019 verification values to the School Revision column
× ×  
Prior Year View of Family Contribution Worksheet ×    
  • Column for Prior Year 2018 Verification values from tax documents
  • Auto-copy 2018 verification values to the School Revision column
2020 Parent Estimates column on FCW × ×  
Financial Aid Award Letters — send and track award letters to families × ×  
One-click standard reports × ×  
Custom reports × ×  
Specialized reports to view an applicant's year over year data ×    
EFC Snapshot Reports ×    
SSS Professional Development      
Information resources to educate families × × ×
Training and best practice financial aid webinars, articles, case studies and guides × ×  
Participation in FA Forum — online community for schools using SSS × ×