New dashboard. Your most relevant data – like award data, fee waiver requests, message alerts, SSS alerts, and PFS notifications – is at your fingertips as soon as you log in. Plus, budge graphics and visual workflow charts illustrate your progress as you move through the financial aid season, including the ability to track incomplete applications.

Enhanced “in-system” messaging. You can now communicate directly with families from within the system and review records of their communications with SSS. You also have the ability to initiate communications with parents within the student’s folder.

Interactive Family Contribution Worksheet. This new workspace for reviewing family folders provides one integrated, top-to-bottom analysis of a family’s ability to pay school costs. It includes details on data verified from tax forms, parent explanations of certain PFS entries, and unusual conditions and recommended actions to resolve them. It also includes a PFS change alert so not only can you see where families make PFS changes after they’ve submitted it to you, but you can control which changes you actually want to apply.

Controlled access to the Family Report. For schools who do not wish for parents to see the Family Report, you can now opt-out of making that information available to them.

Customizable settings for editable school profiles. Choose between a variety of features, alerts, and notifications to set school-level preferences, such as your document deadlines and reminder dates with fully automated, system-generated emails.