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SSS Professional Development has a new home and it's right within the SSS School Portal. From webinars and video tutorials to product guides and research, you'll find resources designed to help you grow in your career as a financial aid professional. These resources are available exclusively to SSS Subscriber Schools. Just login to the School Portal and click on the "Content" tab at the top of your Dashboard.

SSS Community

One thing that uniquely defines SSS by NAIS has nothing to do with us and everything to do with you. Our school community is defined by a tremendous spirit for professional growth, and it's our goal to support that every way we can. You will now find all SSS-related discussions and information in one place: the new "SSS by NAIS Financial Aid Community" within NAIS Connect.


Family Guide to Financial Aid Booklet

Available for Purchase

This 8-page, 4-color booklet provides a thorough examination of the types of financial aid, an overview of eligibility, and examples of aid packages. Families will also find some general information on how to apply for aid via the SSS PFS.

2017-18 Versions

2016-17 Versions


Understanding Financial Aid eBook

Written in partnership with AdmissionsQuest, this downloadable e-book assists families in learning the ins-and-outs of the financial aid process in private schools.


PFS Workbook

A line-by-line guide for successfully completing the PFS. Coming soon - the 2017-18 version.

PFS Buttons

Download a web button in the style of your choice, post to your website, and give families a link to the PFS at

International Student Financial Aid Profile

Schools are welcome to use this form when working with international applicants. Use itas is or customize it to meet your needs.

It's important to note thatAdobe Acrobat Pro users can can fill it out online, save, print, or email.  Adobe Acrobat Reader users can also fill it out online (or print to fill out by hand) but will not have the ability to save and send as an attachment to an email. Please also be aware that Mozilla Firefox does not support this functionality! It's recommended that families utilize either Internet Explorer or Chrome to complete this form. 

Guiding Principles for Families

We provide these guideposts to families to outline their responsibilities in the financial aid process.

Required Documents Cover Sheet

Please note that families mailing in additional required tax documents should use the cover sheet found in the SSS Family Portal. After they log in, they should click on the “My Documents” tab in the upper right corner. They'll click the “Print Cover Sheet” link on that page to print our customized cover sheet. They should make sure to mail their documents at least 10 days before your school deadlines time. Our regular and overnight mail addresses are found on the cover sheet as well.

Business and Farm Statement

Many schools require that families who own farms or businesses complete this SSS form. Please note the 2017-18 version of this document is included in the PFS itself and is no longer a separate document.

IRS Form 4506

Families should complete one of these forms if your school requires a copy or a transcript of the actual 1040 filed by the taxpayer.