Thank you for registering for Advanced Topic Workshop: Demystifying Self-Employment Issues. We look forward to seeing you in Baltimore! This resource page provides materials and resources related to the Workshop.

Pre-Event Review: Recorded Webinars

Spotlight on Taxes: Schedule E for Rental Property (January, 2017)

After this webinar, you will be able to:

  • Verify sources of rental property income and expenses
  • Differentiate expenses allowable for tax purposes but not for financial aid eligibility
  • Identify depreciation write-offs and establish school policy on how to treat it
  • Use data captured by SSS from Schedule E to make revisions to family contributions

Spotlight on Taxes: Schedule E for S Corporations and Partnerships (February, 2017)

After this webinar, you will be able to:

  • Identify the elements of Partnership and S-Corporation tax documents that are most relevant to financial aid review
  • Spot and use sources of untaxed cash flow, depreciation, and other tax-allowable write-offs for Partnerships and S Corporation
  • Sharpen your school policies and communication skills for managing this expanding segment of the applicant pool

In-Person Materials and Resources

Sample Resources from Other Schools

NOTE: These samples are being provided as a courtesy, with permission from representatives of the schools to which they belong, to help you craft your own correspondence or other documentation. Providing these samples does not imply that either NAIS or SSS staff specifically endorse or recommend the policies that the samples may reflect.

Landon School (MD)

Woodberry Forest School (VA)

St. Stephen's Episcopal School (TX)

Brentwood Academy (TN)

St. Andrew's School (Delaware)

Phillips Exeter Academy (New Hampshire)