Get to Know SSS: Two Awarding Methodologies to Fit Your School

Not all schools are created equal, and we love that! This also means that not all schools will look at what defines a family as “in need” the same way. With that in mind, we offer two awarding methodologies to help ensure we’re able to provide all our schools with the tools they need to grant financial aid awards in a way that best fits their culture, mission, and values.

Whether you want a more formulaic and fixed methodology that believes families of equal means should receive equal awards, or you’re looking for something that allows for a bit more flexible definition of need—we have a methodology for you!

Our primary goal at SSS is to help our schools meet their enrollment goals through financial aid, and that means creating the top-of-the-line tools designed to fit your specific needs. Join us on Thursday, June 23 at 2:00 p.m. ET to learn more about the options we provide and how they can fit into your school’s financial aid office.

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