Get to Know SSS:
The Financial Aid Assistant Program- An Extension of Your Financial Aid Department

Financial aid comes with a lot of complexities and can be very time-consuming for any school. It can be difficult to find an extra hand with the expertise needed to navigate these complex financial situations while remaining compassionate towards those families applying for aid.

That’s why we offer our Financial Aid Assistant program as an additional service for SSS customers. Through this service, we are able to serve as an extension of your financial aid office and offer in-depth folder reviews for your applicants to aid you in gaining the greatest clarity of families’ abilities to pay. Our experts can help to lift your load by taking on the most complex applications, including business owners and separated families, while also navigating ever-changing tax and financial documents.

Overall, our singular mission is to empower you to make the best decisions possible as you leverage financial aid to meet your enrollment goals. Get to know SSS a bit better in our next webinar featuring the Financial Aid Assistant program and see how we can help you meet your goals.