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Crossing the finish line with financial aid and tuition & billing management

From start to finish, you shouldn’t have to work outside of SSS to manage all aspects of where your financial aid dollars are going. And your families should have transparency around the process that will help them confidently step into investment for their child and your school.

TADS Tuition & Billing Management, our integration partner, is the full-service solution in our Community Brands K-12 Select Suite. Designed to make managing your school simpler, TADS TM automates workflows for your Business Office with agreement tracking, comprehensive billing services, and much more. Learn how this integration works in your SSS School Portal and why more than 1,000 schools use TADS Tuition Management every year to manage their tuition.

  • Manage your awards and budgets in SSS
  • Apply separate awards to split households
  • Send specific award details as credit items to tuition agreements
  • Eliminate manual data exports and imports
  • Create tuition agreements quickly and easily
  • Make tuition payments simple for your families

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