Information Sessions for Parents

We realize that the Parents' Financial Statement (PFS) is a very comprehensive application, and that you want to complete it fully and accurately. To help make it a bit easier to manage, we're offering a set of free informational webinars for you to download that provide valuable tips on completing the Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS).

Counting the Costs—Affording a Private School Education
Get a look into how the financial aid process works at private schools and the steps you should take to make a private school education for your child a reality.

Setting Up My Account
Need help accessing the Parents' Financial Statement (PFS)? Whether you are a new to this and need to set up an account or have done it before but can't remember your password, this webinar will show you how to create or access your PFS.
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Getting Around the Parents' Financial Statement
Want to know more about the different sections on the Parents' Financial Statement? This webinar will demonstrate how to navigate the PFS and will give tips for making sure you complete it accurately and on time. Learn how the information you enter is used to determine how much you can pay for tuition.
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For Spanish Speakers: Completando el PFS por Primera Vez

Aplicar por ayuda financiera puede ser un proceso largo e intimidante, pero tomar el tiempo necesario para completar cuidadosamente su aplicación dentro de los plazos establecidos por las escuelas es la manera más segura de recibir la asistencia para la que usted califica. Participe en este webinar para recibir la información y los consejos necesarios de cómo completar su Estado Financiero para Padres (PFS por sus siglas en inglés) de manera correcta.
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Managing My Financial Aid Documents
Learn how to upload your documents to your Family Portal account and then rest assured that schools will receive the correct forms they need. See which documents are required by the schools you're applying to and their submission deadlines. Understand how to check your document status and remove or replace documents uploaded by mistake.
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Completing The PFS Business/Farm Section
Own all or part of a business or a farm? This webinar is especially for you. Learn how to separate your personal details from your business or farm information. See where to enter your business details to make sure your family's financial picture is captured accurately.
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Reporting My Income Correctly
Learn how to report different types of income accurately on the PFS. Get answers to your most pressing questions about where to enter specific types of income in this brief webinar.
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Understanding the Monthly Income and Expense Statement
The Monthly Income and Expense Statement is a new addition to this year's Parents' Financial Statement. Watch this webinar to learn how to complete the MIES accurately to tell the story of your household budget realities.
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We've assembled answers to the most frequently asked questions from our previous webinar sessions with parents into one easy-to-browse document. Just click here to download.