Financial Aid Assistant

As part of this service SSS will:  

  • Develop an understanding of the school's financial aid policies and professional judgement settings

  • Manage the financial aid folders to completion including reviewing tax forms, correcting errors and omissions and communicating directly with families to ensure folders are complete in time for review

  • Calculate a 'clean' EFC and provide guidance on award values

  • Deliver year-end reporting based for the folders reviewed to inform data analysis and insights

Schools can choose from two levels of service.

To find out if FAA is right for your school, please contact Anita Harper at

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FAA Standard

Assist with configuration of Annual Settings

Provide a projected aid report based on prior year applications

Monitor timely submissions of Parent's Financial Statement (PFS)

Proactively communicate with families about application errors and outstanding tax document requirements

Document family communication in the SSS portal

Calculate revised Estimated Family Contribution

Create custom year-over-year folder reports

Make annotations on the Financial Computation Worksheet and in student folders

Review late applicants

FAA Program Insights

All Standard features plus:

Enter Final Awards for 2018-19 academic year into SSS

During the FA season, and prior to the FA committee meetings, provide phone and written support including guidance and expertise on Financial Aid best practices, Estimated Family Contribution methodology and Financial Aid Assistance program specifics

The data exists in the Salesforce Reports tab in each school’s portal. These reports can be incorporated into the generic PowerPoint presentation by the customer.

Schools will find their report on the Reports tab.

Customization services. Requests for special handling such as changes to tax year verification values, reviewing special combinations of applicant folders and conditions made to professional judgment settings.

To find out if FAA is right for your school, please contact Anita Harper at