Is your school losing its competitive edge with slow financial aid award decisions?

Kassandre Kallen

October 26, 2021

    Do you wish you spent less time in processing student folder reviews at your school? Student folder reviews are time-consuming and tedious, especially if you’re managing them in-house in addition to all the other tasks in your busy school administration day. 

    Managing folders can also impact your school’s competitive edge. Oftentimes, the time it takes to process those folders can lead to slow turnaround times on financial aid award decisions. If parents are applying to more than one private school in your community, they are looking forward to the award decisions to be made sooner, rather than later.  

    Schools can also experience slower application processing for new students due to high demands on school staff during the busy financial aid award season. The more time your staff is spending on processing, the less time your team has to spend on other key tasks including building new fundraising campaigns, building new and diverse student outreach plans, and identifying new private K-12 grant opportunities.  

    Having a virtual financial aid teammate through FAA is a great way to remove slow processing issues that come with in-house student folder reviews. Another advantage of outside processing is your families can feel assured that no bias exists in processing those aid awards.  

    Here are our top 3 benefits private K-12 schools get with a virtual financial aid teammate:  

    Time to Focus on What Matters 

    What would you do if you had an extra 8 hours to focus on your school every week? Would you host recruitment lunches? Launch a successful new giving campaign to boost your enrollment fund? Apply for an additional grant?  


    Utilizing a virtual financial aid teammate helps you recover valuable time for your school and removes repetitive manual tasks from your workload.  

    See how a thriving school benefits from FAA – Le Jardin Case Study

    Enhanced and Expedient Aid Application Process for Your Families 

    FAA’s compassionate support team is a dedicated resource for your families, available whenever they’re needed to ensure the aid application process goes smoothly.  

    Our FAA support staff helps clarify parents’ financial statement questions, follows up with families directly for missing financial or tax statements, and use their financial aid expertise to help families feel confident throughout the process regarding getting the best opportunities for aid.  

    Our experts can even handle the complicated folders of families who own their own business! We know these folders often have a high value assets and can be complicated to review with higher risks of overlooking cashflow and misidentifying whether or not a family qualifies for aid. That’s why FAA auto-flags folders with a business listed as high-priority to ensure nothing is overlooked. 

    Return Informed Award Decisions Faster 

    Speed is of the essence in letting families know the financial aid they’ve been awarded. A strong competitive advantage for your school in both attracting students and having increased retention are timely award decisions. 

    By having fully audited student folders with clean calculations, your school can make informed award decisions clearly. An additional benefit with using financial aid solution software is your team can be pro-active when it comes to budgeting and awarding grants.  

    The SSS Financial Aid Assistance (FAA) program for private schools K-12, delivers fully audited student folders that empower you to make time-sensitive, informed award decisions. 

    Our set process to complete folders gives you a “clean” calculation that reflects fixed errors and verified amounts. Our team of experts will work with your families to make sure they understand the process, get their applications completed correctly and on-time, and without missing any factors that could impact their qualification status. 

    Our program easily integrates with SSS and TADS FA, saving you money and time in processing. Let us walk you through a short demo-  –  of how our program works.  

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